How To Get Rid Of a Pimple On Your Lip In One Day

How To Get Rid Of a Pimple On Your Lip In One Day

How To Get Rid Of a Pimple On Your Lip In One Day

Pimple On Lip Line - Pimples are never a good site, whether they are on the face, nose or pimple on lip they can be very uncomfortable. Unlike pimples on neck or pimple on back or even nose, a pimple on lip can be very irritable. 

This is because of the various functions that your mouth does in a day including eating and talking. Any kind of movement on the pimple or close to it can make it uncomfortable and very irritable.

Most pimple on lip are often confused with mouth sores and sometimes cold sores. To know the difference between the two, it is important to know what causes pimple on lip in the first place.

What Causes Lip Pimples?

There are different reasons that may cause a pimple on lip. Here are a few:

  • Reaction To Lip Blam

  • Poor Diet

  • Oily Skin

  • Cheap Quality Lipstick

  • Smokers

  • Unclean Lips

  • Toothpaste Fluoride

  • Reaction To Lip Balm : Sometimes we go for cheap products not knowing what we are getting ourselves into. lip pimple can be caused by an ingredient in a lip balm choice. Other symptoms that will be as a result of this are scaly lips and a slight rush. Terminate any use of a new product you are using to see if the pimple on lip will disappear.

  • Poor Diet : “what you eat”, these words are basically true and a pimple on lip is one reaction of a poor diet.

  • Oily Skin : Some people have very oily skin and if not controlled can result to pimples forming not only on the lip but breaking out on the whole face at large.

  • Cheap Quality Lipstick : Cheap products are always bound to cost you, a break out on your lip will occur if your skin is not really used to the new product introduced to it.

  • Smokers : Chain smokers are prone to have a breakout of pimple on lip faster than any none smoker.

  • Unclean Lips : Indulging in oily and greasy foods and not cleaning your mouth after can cause pimples on the skin as a result of excessive oils.

  • Toothpaste Fluoride : Do not rush to change any products that your skin is used to there are some toothpastes that contain a high percentage of fluoride than others. This can easily lead to a pimple break out if you are not careful about reading the ingredient on a tube before buying it.

Painful Pimple On Lip?

Here is a simple guide on how to get rid of a pimple on your lip.

Lip pimples just like any other pimples on the mouth face or neck can be very painful. You use the mouth for various activities in a day and any movement and friction that comes close to the pimple can be very painful and highly irritable. To make it worse, it attracts a lot of unnecessary attention.

How To Get Rid Of a Pimple On Your Lip

The best way to get rid of pimple on lip is to avoid it and using a pimple cure. Here is a few tips to avoid pimple & keep it in control are given below.

  • Ice : When lip pimples are enlarge than you should apply ice on it each 30 minutes. It will hep you reduce swelling.

  • Smoking: Try to avoid smoking to get rid of lip pimples fast.

  • Get rid of Poor Quality Facial Products – This is one way that will ensure there are no lip pimples.

  • Do not use toothpaste that contains a high percentage of Fluoride.

  • Practice Clean Hygiene on the lips and exfoliate as much as you can.

Follow this all instructions and apply must you will Get Rid Of A Pimple On Your Lip In One Day.

Stay healthy, safe and beautiful 

- Dr Lisa J. Martin 

Dermatologist .


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