Different Types Of Pimples | How To Avoid Pimples

Different Types Of Pimples & How To Avoid Pimples

Different Types Of Pimples | How To Avoid Pimples

Types Of Pimples - Have you bothered on how many types of pimples & how to avoid pimples? Than you are at correct place. Many people these days fear for their social lives because of the dissimilar types of pimples that could plague their chest, neck, back, face and other parts of the body. If you are one of those people, read on.

Different Types Of Pimples : 

  • White Pimples

  • Red Pimples

  • Dry Pimples

  • Itchy Pimples

  • Sweat Pimples

  • Big Pimples

  • Tiny Pimples

  • Hard Pimples

  • Stress Pimples

  • Oil Pimples

  • Shaving Pimples

  • Teenage Pimples

  • Adult Pimples

White Pimple : There is naturally a small amount of inflammation. It is never suggested to try to press a white pimple while it is still forming. The best method to reduce a small white head is to pop it.

Red Pimple : Red pimples are small and pus-filled lesions. They are swollen and come out red at the base, with a whitish or yellowish center. At this point, you are most likely cursing at the mirror.

Dry Pimple : Dry pimples occurred due to the clogged pores. When the skin turns too dry, then the skin cells start to clog the pores. Keep in mind that the dry skin pimples should not be treated with usual acne treatment.

Itchy Pimples : Oily skin, hormonal changes, and attainment of puberty in teenagers cause the occurrence of pimples. When pus accumulation occurs under the skin, then the pimples can get itchy.

Sweat Pimples : To reduce the sweat pimples, you need to wash problematic areas twice a day. Use a soft, non-drying cleanser to avoid irritating the skin.

Big Pimples : Big pimples are just a whitehead that is inflamed. Like the last kind, if you press it you can cause lasting harm to your skin, so do not do it.

Tiny Pimples : You might notice a boost in tiny pimples three to eight days before the start of your menstrual period. Keep to a severe skin care routine during this time.

Hard Pimple : Hard pimples are caused when dull skin cells, oil, and bacteria get beneath the skin’s surface. Nodules and cysts should be treated by a physician.

Stress Pimples : The recommendation for preventing stress pimples is rooted in staying away from stress altogether, but sometimes stress pimples pop up in spite of fine intentions.

Oil Pimple : This type still is not that severe, but usually takes longer to disappear than white. They come about when pores are not blocked totally, only partly; when this happens, then the oil has to come to the forefront of your skin.

Shaving Pimples : For getting rid of shaving pimples, you should use a quality shaving cream to shave instead of regular soap, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Cheap or dull razors tug at the hair and annoy the skin.

Teenage Pimples : Gentle face washing on a regular basis is certainly useful, but too much scrubbing can annoy pimples and lead to more redness and inflammation.

Adult Pimples : There are a lot of reasons you can break out as an adult. Stress or changes in your hormone levels, like stopping or switching birth control pills, are the main possibilities. Some medications, including corticosteroids, lithium, and antiseizure drugs can cause pimples.

Bad Pimples : These types of pimples are extremely large and glaringly irritated. These are not to be popped either.

How To Avoid Pimples

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who continue to suffer from pimples. It does not have to be like that. Pimples cannot be allowed to control and ruin your life.

Healthy Diet : You can avoid pimples by eating healthy and nutritious food. Introduce vegetables and lean meat in your diet. This will allow your liver to control the sugar levels in your bloodstream efficiently. If you follow this recommendation, then you’ll definitely be on your way to a pimple free skin.

Stay healthy, safe and beautiful 

- Dr Lisa J. Martin 

Dermatologist .


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